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Auralsplint Descriptive Report - Abstract


Auralsplint Descriptive Report – Abstract

 The Auralsplint™ Descriptive Report is derived from a self-funded study by the author conducted from June 1, 2012 through June 1, 2017 to determine the effectiveness of a conventional alternative treatment in today’s marketplace.  190 Participants in the study sought to find a solution and treatment for aural hematomas in their dogs in contrast to available treatments.  Participants, for reasons of their own, monetary, surgical wounding, ethical, or other, chose to contact the author and accept the terms for the study.  49 participants returned surveys to support the findings.  The agreed upon terms were participant pays for shipping the treatment kit, use the Auralsplint™ treatment as per instructions, and report their findings along with supplying pictures supporting their descriptions and efforts.  The treatment kit was shipped next day to the participant at their cost without profiting the author.  Only the animal name and case file number are used to designate findings.  Guidelines for animal participation and the treatment modality will be discussed in full within this article.  The author is reporting the results in as non-biased as possible means, in as scientific manner as possible given scientific reporting is not his field or profession.  Author is not a veterinarian, but hopes readers accept the attempt to provide this information about the Auralsplint™ in as scientific manner as possible. The Committee of Animal Research and Ethics (CARE) have not been informed and thus are not aware of the study.  Due to monetary restrictions, third party ethical standards have not been met.  Although these scientific checks have not been performed, the author insists objectivity has been used, and is being used in the premise, the study, and the dissemination of the results to determine the effectiveness of the Auralsplint™ treatment.

AHS05242014A – Cracker Pete

Daniel, I hope this feedback helps.  I hope you are able to continue to move forward with the Auralsplints.  As I said, they were the only thing that worked for us, especially as we were determined to avoid surgery, if at all possible.  Thank you for developing these.  They will be a blessing to many pet-owners if made widely available.  

AHS01142015A - Neila

It saved us 1500 dollars!  I would recommend this treatment to anyone.  I'm glad I searched it out online myself but it would be nice if more vets had this at their disposal for treatment options.

AHS01292016C – Beau Henry

My dog is almost 14 years old and not a candidate for surgery.  There were no other options to heal his ear other than the aural splint.  We tried to leave it alone but after 3 weeks the skin on his ear actually broke apart where he has developed sores from the pressure.  Despite aspirating several times the ear would not stop filling with fluid.  I'm not sure what we would have done if I hadn't found the aural splint.  His ear is flat and not misshapen but more importantly he got relief very quickly once the split was put on.

AHS03052016A – Jake

I think the auralsplint is a great product it would help lots of canines with this problem without the need of surgery. My dog ear looks like it did before he got the hematoma.  I am so thankful for your product.

AHS12182012A - Hunter

I would have preferred to have used the Auralsplint application exclusively if I had known about it before allowing the vet to administer medication to Hunter.

AHS07112016A - Stanley

Thank you for such a great alternative to surgery or high chances of reoccurrence!

AHS10252016A – Chisai

The result was great! My dog’s hematoma healed naturally.  The splint did slip off a bit so it has to be frequently reattached.  I think the edges were a little rough also because he got scratched on the edges of his ears and got scabs. When the scabs came off his hair came off too. The hematoma ear looks just like the other ear but with less hair. The ear is also a little thicker but you can only tell when you touch and compare it to the other ear. The result was a million times better than a surgery would have been. I don't think my dog could have handled a surgery!

Please let me know if you need any other information or if there is anything I can do to help! I hope that every vet uses the Auralsplint as the first option for healing hematomas.

AHS12132017A – Chaz

Thanks so much Daniel - you're really on to something with this product, and have got to start getting it into the hands of vets. How come you're not working with any local to you? I'd think someone would be willing to give it a whirl...?

Regardless, you've got one super happy customer here.

AHS06142016A – Vento

I love that there is a non surgical option to fix ear hemotomas.  Vento, being a retired police K9 that I personally worked for the last five years of his career…   The scar tissue left (although minimal) caused his ear to wrinkle a bit where the deepest part of the hematoma sat.  Because Vento is neurotic about stuff this was causing him to shake his head and rub it on the floor to try to make it feel the same as the other ear (I can only think).  This shaking, in turn, caused a hematoma to form on his other ear.  I have aspirated it once and will aspirated it again on Saturday (grocery day) when we will stop by the pharmacy to get more tape and re-apply the splint to his other ear.  Now instead of many thousands of dollars for two treatments I am able to use the same treatment that I now have in my house and know how to apply myself.  That, sir, is the best part of the program.  You have given me a tool to keep my partner well into his old age and for that I thank you.

AHS09092016A – Lulu

 I think the Auralsplint is a great alternative to surgery. There is a little bit of a learning curve when applying. But I would think in a professional setting, it would be applied very well with good results.  I think having a vet use a syringe and being able to draw most the blood out does help with the final result of the ear in comparison to aspirating with a larger needle and allowing to drain naturally with some massaging of the ear. I am very pleased with the results. And would recommend to anyone.

AHS03312016A – Caoimhe          Before and after photos

I think that the Auralsplint should absolutely be offered as an alternative hematoma treatment at vet offices everywhere. It is an effective and economic solution to a problem when most vets simply suggest an expensive surgery. I was actually trying to make something on my own quite similar to the concept of the Auralsplint when I stumbled across it online, and I’m very glad I did as it saved me the trouble of trying to make one myself. Not only was the splint inexpensive and relatively easy to use, but it was less traumatizing to my dog when compared to surgery. 

AHS07082015A – Daisy

This product is wonderful.  It healed Daisy's ear without major deformation. Had it been left unattended it may have been a shriveled mess.  

AHS09282013A – Cricket

I believe the splint would be very effective if applied to the hematoma in the early stages, before the hematoma is able to spread across the entire pinna, and before much clotting has occurred. 4 weeks of aspirating/refilling took place before I found and applied the splint. I understood that success with the splint depended on proper application and that the ear needed to be drained as flat as possible.

Again, I believe in the effectiveness of the Aural Splint and would recommend it in less severe cases. Thank you again for your time and efforts!

AHS05212013A – Cooper

Our dog, Cooper, is an older dog.  We did not want to put him through the stress of surgery, nor did we wish to incur the costs.  The Auralsplints were a great option.  We weren't sure if they would work... But we were willing to try them because they were less invasive and very affordable!  As it turned out, the Auralsplints proved to be the best option...  No surgery... No pain... No huge bills... Just a funny looking pooch for a few days!  And now just look at our Coop!!  He's a happy camper and we are, too!!

AHS06012015A – April

From what I read, hematomas are quite common.  A procedure like the aural splint is a vastly superior way to treat than the surgery based on my real life experience.  I know because I paid for the surgery on her right ear several years ago.  

So glad to have found you, Daniel and all the best with your research and development.  

AHS10182015A – Remmy

I felt that the Auralsplint was a great treatment for Remmy. It was really easy to use and did its job for Remmy in around 11 days. I would recommend this to anyone whose dog has a hematoma.

AHS01192016A – Beanie

Though we only used the Auralsplint for 2 consecutive days, the ear was greatly improved.  Very little shriveling can’t tell from a distance.  Still, I entirely believe the Auralsplint 2 day treatment on a freshly aspirated ear greatly improved the outcome of the ear.  I would attempt this treatment again if he developed a hematoma again.

AHS12062015A – Maggie

We're not sure if it would anyway benefit your research but we wanted to reach out to let you know your process worked tremendously.  We have a few pictures of Maggie with her splint on as well at plenty of before and after pictures.  As we explained in our message, she passed tonight and we wanted to see if you think maybe using her ear to study and document how it healed.  We're planning on having her cremated so we wanted to reach out to you as soon as possible.  Please let us know if you believe this might benefit your research and maybe that'll be Maggie's contribution to your efforts in helping her.

AHS10182015B – Amber

Her ear is thicker and harder than her other ear, but as of yet it does not appear to alter her mood, health, or good looks.  The hematoma appears to have healed completely and we are pleased and only wished we knew about it sooner and made a better effort to aspirate all the fluid before applying the splint.   For geriatric dogs, this could be a lifesaver.  I don't anticipate any major problems with the ear having healed the way it did, and I'm still glad we used the splint instead of choosing surgery.  Thank you for making this treatment available!