Aural Hematoma Treatment for Canine

How to Measure the Height and Width for Ordering your Custom cut Auralsplint Plates.  See Contact for Order Form

If you are visiting this site, you must be in need.  Aural hematoma in dog ear is treatable, and curable, without surgery.  We are here to help with providing you a non-surgical low-cost treatment to heal your aural hematoma at home.  The Auralsplint corrects the broken blood vessels and heals the ear in its natural shape.  Try now for minimal cost with extended participation in the new study for development.  $45 including shipping to your home next day USPS where available.  IMPORTANT:  You must have a hypodermic needle aspiration before the first week is past.  Anytime longer than this, coagulation begins to occur preventing the use of the Auralsplint and leaving your animal to have only a surgical method to treat.  See below how to measure your animal's ear for Auralsplint to custom cut plates the treatment plates and send the kit to you next day.  See Contact for Order Form.  Read the Criteria for use to see if your animal will qualify.  Your animal needs you, so act today.  Inexpensive Corrective repair at home.

Dog ear hematoma treatment low-cost corrective alternative
Aural hematoma treatment at home

Roja way before she developed an aural hematoma and I had to create a non-surgical low-cost treatment which would not injure her.