aural hematoma treatment

Criteria for use:

Early diagnosis of an aural hematoma within 6-7 days from onset.  
Hypodermic needle aspiration within first 6-7 days from onset.  
Subsequent hypodermic needle aspirations no greater duration than 4 days from initial aspiration.  
No surgical wounds present.  
Animal demeanor must allow inspection of the hematoma without aggressive behavior.  
Animal must be clean and dry at head and ears to accept taping.  
Animal ear height from head must be less than 6 inches.  Beagle Bassett Dachshund and Weimaraner unable to treat due to excessive weight and size.  Contact Auralsplint for the option to treat these animals.  Specialty plates are available. 
Animal Owner must provide his own protective inflatable or cone collar.

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Order Form

To become a case study participant and get the Auralsplint Treatment Kit cut to your animal's specifications and shipped to you next day, you need to fill out the form letter below:

1.         Copy and paste the Participant Order Form below into new email.

2.         Scroll down into this new email and type in your answers.

3.         Type in your names in the Samaritan Waiver to accept participation.

4.         Attach pictures of both ears of animal for reference and inclusion in your case file, and Send.

5.         Auralsplint will return a confirmation notice along with the Instruction tutorial and any questions needed to better craft             your Auralsplint plates to for your animal. 

6.        Next, go to PayPal and pay the shipping and materials fees, account

I will return to you confirmation of receipt of order, and any questions I may have to fulfill your order.  A complete set of Treatment Instructions (PDF) and the survey form (PDF) will accompany my reply.  Only the name of animal and case number will be used in all reporting.  All personal information is kept private and will not be shared.  The survey, form provided in kit, to be filled out after the treatment and returned to for inclusion in your case file and in the subsequent studies.  The Original Study manuscript Abstract is at end of Testimonials.

Please take a picture after application of the plates and send this to me for verification and inclusion in your case file.

Auralsplint is not retailed for sale at this time, but included with participation in the study.  With this understood, Auralsplint Inc. PBC is here to help heal your animal.  My efforts are not being paid for, so I am charging for the postage to ship the treatment next day to you, and costs of materials (Auralsplint plates, 2 rolls medical tape, Listor scissors, alcohol wipes, hypodermic needle, paper instructions and survey form) .  When compared to the  amount of healing without surgery, the cost is immeasurable.  Contributions are accepted to help further the effort.

Shipping and materials are paid through PayPal under the account:

Next day USPS in the USA is $45 USD, next day to the border of Canada $65 USD, 1-2 day delivery.  FedEx option for Canadian orders additional $45.  All orders will be confirmed before processing and shipping.

I hope you decide to participate in the study, allow me to help heal your animal, and help me conduct further studies on the Auralsplint aural hematoma treatment for your companion animal.


Daniel Whitton

 Auralsplint™ 2020  Participant Order Form

Animal Name:  

Animal weight: 

Animal age:       

Animal sex: 

Has the animal had an aural hematoma before and what ear?

How long has this hematoma been present (days and weeks)?

How many aspirations have taken place before treatment aspiration?  Specify needle or other.  

Has the animal been on any medications, what kind and what dosage?

Has the animal been treated before with surgery?

Has the animal been treated before with holistic medicines or therapies?

Vet diagnosis about possible infestation or infection:      

Measurements and specifics of the ear:          

Height of ear from head:             

Width around back of ear curve (see diagram):

Type of ear pendent or erect:    

Type of animal breed:                   

Animal’s left ear or right ear:      

Owner Name and Shipping Address and Phone Numbers:             



Case Study Number:   AHS

Auralsplint™  Samaritan Waiver

I, (type name here                                                                           ) , do hereby release Auralsplint Inc. PBC and its owners  and associates of any liability due to the misuse, misapplication, or any wrongful behavior resulting in any damages occurring during treatment.  Auralsplint™ retains rights to product and procedure, and its services are not to be duplicated by any means except for the expressed use of animal intended at time of participation.   Auralsplint™ independently provides this treatment as an alternative to surgery, and the results are not guaranteed. 

For Office Use:

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